Thursday, 8 May 2014

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You! 别让不懂营养学的医生害了你!


那让我们来看这样一个事实:如果一个健康的人7 —10天不吃任何食物,你说会发生什么事情?不容置疑,这个人肯定会死掉。人用来维持生命的主要东西除了空气和水以外就是食物,也就是食物里面的营养 给予了人的生命。营养是生命的源泉,从人的胚胎形成的一瞬间到人的生命结束,营养无时无刻不滋养着人的生命,这就是“营养与生命”的关系。

看看我们身边那些身患疾病的人:高血压、心脑血管疾病、糖尿病、痛风、乙肝、脂肪肝、甲亢、关节 炎、胃炎、严重失眠、癌症等,面对这一大堆常见慢性病,通过药物可以将疾病治愈?其实药物顶多就是将慢性病症控制在一定范围内,能做到这一点已经算不错了。

而真正能让自己康复的绝对不是药物,因为药物的成分不是细胞修复所需要的成分。而一旦给足时间, 给足营养物质,如蛋白质、维生素、矿物质、脂肪等这些人体构成所需要的材料,人体就会启动自我修复的过程。 因为所有人身上的细胞在经过六个月左右的时间, 大部分细胞组织都会被更新90%,产生新的组织。

胃细胞7天更新一次; 皮肤细胞28天左右更新一次; 肝脏细胞在180天更换一次; 红血球细胞120天更新一次…… 在一年左右的时间,身体98%的细胞都会被重新更新一遍。 只要营养充足,受损的器官通过细胞的不断“新陈代谢”和“自我修复”,经过一段时间,受损的组织和器官就会被“软性置换”,产生出“新”的组织与器官。很多很多的疾病, 都有机会彻底康复。


Did you know ? Nutrition can cure, how long to cure ? About six months.
This is for our people is still a very strange concept. Almost all people may think that only with drugs to treat diseases , nutrition , how could be used to treat it?

First, nutrition is the source of life
So let's look at this fact: If a healthy person 7-10 days do not eat any food , what would you say happened ? No doubt , this will certainly die. People used to sustain life except the main thing is the food of air and water , which is given to the nutritional food which human life . Nutrition is the source of life , the moment from human embryos formed to end human life , nutrition all the time to nourish human life , which is " Nutrition and Life " relationship.

Second, drugs to control the disease
Those who look around us suffering from the disease : high blood pressure , cardiovascular disease , diabetes, gout , hepatitis , fatty liver , hyperthyroidism , arthritis, gastritis , severe insomnia , cancer , etc., the face of a lot of common chronic diseases, the disease can be cured by medication ? In fact, at most, the drug is to control chronic illnesses within a certain range , it has been able to do pretty well .

Third, nutrition repair cells
But the real recovery is definitely not make their own drugs , because the drug ingredient composition of cell repair is not needed . Once given enough time , given enough nutrients, such as material which constitute the human body needs protein , vitamins , minerals, fat , the body will start the self-healing process. Because all of the cells in the body after six months or so, most of the cells and tissues will be updated to 90% , resulting in a new organization .

Stomach cells updated every seven days ; skin cells is updated every 28 days or so ; liver cells replaced every 180 days ; red blood cells is updated once ...... 120 days in a year or so , 98% of the body's cells will be re- updated again. As long as adequate nutrition , damaged organs through cell constant " metabolism" and " self-healing " after a period of time , tissue and organ damage will be "soft substitution" , resulting in a "new" tissues and organs . Many, many diseases have the opportunity to complete recovery .

It's that simple ? You may not believe, but its true !