Thursday, 8 May 2014

A More Meaningful Life! 更有意义的人生!

One center : Health always priority list.

遇事瀟灑一點, 看世事糊塗一點。

Two basic point : Be open to face new challenges & Be generous to accept others short coming.


Three forget : Forget your age, Forget the past, Forget the grudge.

四個擁有 : 無論你有多弱或多強,一定要:

Four have : No matter how weak or strong, we must:
擁有真正愛你的人,Has true Love,
擁有知心的朋友 ,Has true & close friends,
擁有向上的事業,Have a upward career,
擁有溫暖的住所。Have a warm shelter.


Five To : To sing, To dance, To be smart, To smile & laugh, To be slim must exercise more.

六個不能:Six Don'ts
不能餓了才吃,Don't wait until hungry only eat,
不能渴了才喝,Don't wait until thirsty only drink,
不能睏了才睡,Don't wait until sleepy only went to bed,
不能累了才歇,Don't wait until tired only take rest,
不能病了才檢查,Don't wait until sick only go for checking doctor,
不能老了再後悔。Don't wait until old ages only regret what have not done.

Share it to everyone you treasure them.