Sunday, 18 May 2014


MonaVie’s dedication to your overall health extends far beyond the first sip. Combining the best of science and nature, we draw on millions of dollars of clinical research to develop our premium health products.
By unlocking, sharing, and protecting the most valuable resources our planet has to offer, we are able to deliver powerful, health-giving benefits in every bottle. Our rigorous testing standards ensure the highest possible quality products and demonstrate our commitment to science and—most importantly—your health.
While it is essential to life, oxygen can also have a detrimental effect on your health. As your body’s cells use oxygen to create energy, they also create a potentially damaging byproduct called free radicals.

Dedicated to unlocking, sharing, and protecting the earth’s most unique, health-giving resources, MonaVie combines science and nature to bring you the highest quality products possible.
  • Based upon millions of dollars in clinical research
  • Supported by more than 60 independent scientific studies
  • 26 published studies in national peer reviewed journals