Wednesday, 7 May 2014

衰老与癌症的克星-原花青素 / Aging and Cancer Killer - Proanthocyanidins





Aging and Cancer Killer - Proanthocyanidins

Oxygen status is very important to maintain life, people lack of oxygen will die within minutes. Oxygen delivered to the body through the blood circulation to meet the cellular respiration purposes. But at this point, some oxygen is catalyzed by the enzyme to form oxygen free radicals, which can be seen everywhere in the body, around the free, active and full of aggression. A free radical is an unpaired electron containing atomic group. Must be stable electron pairs, so you need everywhere to capture a radical electron other substances to make themselves become stable, this phenomenon is oxidized. Was captured electronic material was destroyed, causing damage to the body's normal cells and tissues of many diseases like follow.

Normal body set free radical scavenging system, but the power of this system due to age and change people's constitution weakened, resulting in greatly enhanced the negative effects of free radicals. Meanwhile outside of ultraviolet rays, various radiation, smoking, drinking, work pressure, irregular life, etc., and even make a lot of free radicals generated. An excess of free radicals on the human body as oxidation corrosion of metal the same. It is not only accelerate human aging process, and may lead to DNA in normal cells oncogene, leading to cancer.

 Fortunately, humans find a lot of natural antioxidants from nature, can fight an excess of free radicals. After they enter the body, can neutralize free radicals excess electrons, which scavenge free radicals, the body cells from damage. Currently found that vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, selenium, bioflavonoids are effective antioxidants. In many antioxidants, the proanthocyanidins are one of the strongest effective free radical scavenger found so far. It is a bioflavonoid, which is 20 times the antioxidant level of vitamin C, vitamin E, 50 times, usually rich in grape seeds.

With powerful proanthocyanidins antioxidant capacity, humans can delay aging and increase human health life. Although proanthocyanidins itself does not kill cancer cells directly, but by removing the excess free radicals that can inhibit cancer cell growth and induce apoptosis of cancer cells, and thus play a role in the fight against cancer. It has been confirmed, proanthocyanidins have anti-breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and so on. Various studies demonstrated that proanthocyanidins in the fight against allergies, cardiovascular diseases, radiation, etc. also have a good effect. And with the mineral vitamin C proanthocyanidins, a variety of roles in the human body time will be more durable. Magical proanthocyanidins, has been concerned about the growing number of scientists and applied health care products, anti-aging and cancer become a human killer.