Sunday, 18 May 2014


Antioxidants are molecules capable of preventing free radicals from damaging healthy, functioning cells. By donating an electron to these unstable molecules, antioxidants help terminate this chain reaction before crucial damage occurs. Though your body inherently creates some antioxidants, these life-protecting phytonutrients are generally found in richly pigmented fruits and vegetables. While thousands of antioxidants are found in nature, flavonoids (a class of polyphenols) and Carotenoids are two of the most effective.

Scientific research has validated the incredible antioxidant power of açai. Now, MonaVie has taken it even further to create a groundbreaking complex to share with the world: AçaVie.
With the most potent form of açai available, this exclusive ingredient combines the puree with a new polyphenolic compound discovered in collaboration with leading government researchers. We isolated, standardized, and combined this novel compound with other powerful polyphenols to create Enlivenox®, which boasts 10 times the polyphenolic power of traditional açai.Healthy Food