Thursday, 8 May 2014

Can a Diabetes patient drink MonaVie Juice?产品知识 - 糖尿病人能否喝蒙纳维果汁?










36岁的患者张先生,身高1.75厘米,体重86公斤,体重超重25%。空腹血糖6.8mmol/L,餐后2小时血糖8.6mmol/L,(正常人在 7.8以下)。甘油三酯6.8mmol/L(正常值为0.64-1.88mmol/L),该患者同时伴有高血压,是糖耐量异常和代谢综合征。



Can a Diabetes drink MonaVie juice? This question has often been asked.
Answer can not be generalized.
Some diabetics are insulin dependent , some of it is not. So for every user MonaVie will cause different effects. Each 60 ml of MonaVie contains natural sugar and 8 grams of total carbohydrates from fruits and 7 grams of .

Concerned about the " glycemic index food ."

Diabetic healthy diet, you first need to understand the food glycemic index (GI) concept. Foods glycemic index is a measure of postprandial glycemic response of food caused a valid indicator of the food people eat at a certain time and peak rate of rise in blood sugar , is the glycemic index .

Its low glycemic index foods glycemic index of 55 or less. A low glycemic index food , stay a long time in the gastrointestinal absorption rate, a slow release of glucose , the glucose into the blood velocity is slower , the peak is low.

Moderate glycemic index foods glycemic index between 55-75 .

High glycemic index foods glycemic index greater than 75 or more. High glycemic index foods digest quickly after entering the gastrointestinal tract , absorption rate , the release of glucose into the bloodstream quickly.

Foods glycemic index by a wide range of influences such as the carbohydrate content of foods , type, structure, chemical composition of foods other content , such as the effects of dietary fiber as well as the physical condition of the food and the manufacture process.

If people eat high glycemic index foods , soon after the peak of glucose into the bloodstream. Rapid rise in blood sugar is too high will have varying degrees of damage the original B cells caused strong challenges and adverse stimuli , on the one hand have been damaged or delayed B cell secretion peak overloading , incompetent glucose metabolism normal load ; the other hand, can also cause elevated blood sugar at the time , leading to high blood sugar to cells in various organs of the body caused by varying degrees of damage.

The speed into the blood after a low glycemic index foods , glucose slowly, peak low . This is a secretion peak delayed, damaged islet B cells to good use , oxidation of glucose , postprandial blood sugar will not rise too high and to fast for normal glucose metabolism may be provided. Therefore, understanding the glycemic index food , reasonable arrangements for meals, for the regulation and control of blood sugar levels play an important role .
Low glycemic index foods may reduce insulin requirements

Typical cases
Zhang patients 36 years , height 1.75 cm , weight 86 kg , 25% overweight . Fasting blood glucose 6.8mmol / L, 2-hour postprandial blood glucose 8.6mmol / L, ( normal 7.8 or less ) . Triglycerides 6.8mmol / L ( normal is 0.64-1.88mmol / L), while the patients with hypertension, abnormal glucose tolerance and metabolic syndrome.

Doctors give drugs to treat patients at the same time , guide their scientific diet , Nursing and eat more low glycemic index and rich in dietary fiber . Three months later, weighing from 86 kg to 72 kg , fasting blood glucose 5.2mmol / L, postprandial blood glucose 7.6mmol / L, triglycerides 1.2mmol / L, normal blood pressure, and physical strength , energetic.

MonaVie juice , purple and green glycemic index is 46 and 49 respectively , are low glycemic index range. So for diabetic patients is relatively safe , but it is recommended from a small start , a few times , each 30 ml , to observe the situation improved after a slow increase . When in doubt consult professional advice.