Sunday, 11 May 2014

How the ACAI Berry is gathered?

From the Tree to the bottles:
  1. Skilled harvesters climb 25-30 meter high Acai palms with vines secured tightly around their ankles.
  2. Once gathered, MonaVie's premier Acai berries are placed in a canoe and transported down the Amazon River to market and then later to be processed.
  3. At local processing plants, the berries are freeze-dried to retain their powerful antioxidant content.
  4. MonaVie's manufacturing facilities blend the Acai berry juice and pulp with other great-tasting fruit to create the original MonaVie juice.
  5. The MonaVie blend is flash pasteurized - rapidly heated, bottled and cooled - in its state of the art manufacturing plant. Here, the products are carefully monitored to guarantee the highest quality products available.
  6. Each pack of bottle of MonaVie is carefully packed for immediate shipment to strategically placed distribution centers.