Friday, 25 July 2014

MonaVie Top Earners - Congrats to Johnny Chia & Sam Ng in the list

恭喜古晋领袖Johnny Chia在蒙纳维进入世界直销人排行榜当中第188名全球最高收入,也恭喜吉隆坡领袖Sam Ng在蒙纳维进入世界直销人排行榜当中第#652名全球最高收入。这两位世界级的领袖都在我们的身边,看得到,摸得到,能不兴奋美丽吗?
Congratulations to Johnny Chia in MonaVie from Kuching direct access to the world ranking among the first 188 people worldwide with the highest income, also Congratulate to Sam Ng from Kuala Lumpur, Leader MonaVie direct people to enter the world ranking first among the worlds highest income # 652. These two world-class leaders by our side, observe, touch, can you feel the excitement too?