Friday, 27 June 2014


21st June 2014 – 1st August 2014
(Week 495 – Week 500)
We would like to challenge you to “Get Business Healthy” NOW until 1st August 2014!
You will earn FREE MonaVie Juice when you personally enroll 2 New Distributors and generate minimum 1000PV in the new organization per week
 (Regardless Left / Right Leg).
So Get Healthy!
Get your Business Healthy!
Share the goodness of Health with more FREE MonaVie Juice!
Healthy Challenge
Minimum Personal Enrollment
(PV) Generated
Free Juice Earned Each Week
2 cases
3 cases
4 cases
Terms & Conditions
1.     The promotion is based on weekly PV.
2.    Any purchase more than 600PV from a SINGLE distributor will require prior written permission. Excessive orders are STRICTLY prohibited.    
3.     No combination of PV of different weeks is allowed.
4.     All cancellation of order may result in the revocation of PV and the FREE products will be charged to the account.
5.     All Sales Order must be collected within 90 days from the date of purchase. No claim will be entertained after 90 days as outlined in our Policies & Procedures.
6.     To redeem a FREE juice, Qualifiers are required to fill in the “Get Business Healthy” - Free Juice Redemption Form” within 30 days from the date of qualification. No claim will be entertained after 30 days.
7.     The FREE juice has ZERO PV and no cash value as well as cannot be exchanged for Cash or any other product.
8.     The FREE products must be claimed and collected within 30 days after the qualification week.
9.     FREE juice can only be redeemed from EITHER “Get Business Healthy Now!” or “Rank Advance Double Up” ONLY.
10.   Re-enrolment is NOT considered as NEW enrolment
11.   MonaVie solely reserves the right to determine or change the FREE juice selection.