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How to calculate BMI? If you wish to calculate BMI yourself, below are the BMI formulas for both English units and metric units:

Examples 1: Someone who is 1.70 m and weights 60 kg has a BMI of
BMI Calculation = 60 / (1.7 x 1.7) = 20.8 <== This person is in the Normal category.

Example 2: Someone who is 5'6" (5'6" = 66") and weights 160 lb has a BMI of
BMI Calculation = 160 / (66 x 66) x 703 = 25.8 <== This person is in the Overweight category.
Metric Units: BMI = Weight (kg) / (Height (m) x Height (m))
English Units: BMI = Weight (lb) / (Height (in) x Height (in)) x 703

The Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator can be used to calculate your BMI value and weight status while taking your age into consideration. Use the "metric units" tab if you are more comfortable with the international standard metric units. The referenced weight range and calculation formula is listed below.


Your BMI is a measurement of your body weight based on your height and weight. Although your BMI does not actually "measure" your percentage of body fat, it is a useful tool to estimate a healthy body weight based on your height. Due to its ease of measurement and calculation, it is the most widely used diagnostic indicator to identify a person's optimal weight depending on his height. Your BMI "number" will inform you if you are underweight, of normal weight, overweight, or obese. However, due to the wide variety of body types, the distribution of muscle and bone mass, etc., it is not appropriate to use this as the only or final indication for diagnosis.

Body Mass Index Formula

The formulas to calculate BMI based on two of the most commonly used unit systems:
    BMI = weight(kg)/height2(m2)         (Metric Units)
    BMI = 703·weight(lb)/height2(in2)         (U.S. Units)

    BMI Table for Adults

    This is the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommended body weight based on BMI values for adults. It is used for both men and women, age 18 or older.
    CategoryBMI range - kg/m2
    Severe Thinness< 16
    Moderate Thinness16 - 17
    Mild Thinness17 - 18.5
    Normal18.5 - 25
    Overweight25 - 30
    Obese Class I30 - 35
    Obese Class II35 - 40
    Obese Class III> 40

    BMI Chart for Adults

    This is a graph of BMI categories based on the World Health Organization data. The dashed lines represent subdivisions within a major categorization.

    BMI Table for Children and Teens, Age 2-20

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends BMI categorization for children and teens between age 2 and 20.
    CategoryPercentile Range
    Healthy weight5% - 85%
    At risk of overweight85% - 95%

    BMI Chart for Children and Teens, Age 2-20

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) BMI-for-age percentiles growth charts.
    chart for boys
    chart for girls

    Ponderal Index

    Similar to BMI, the Ponderal Index (PI) is a measure of leanness of a person. It was also called Rohrer's index. Comparatively, the Ponderal Index is more even for different stature. Therefore, it was commonly used in pediatrics.
      PI = weight(kg)/height3(m3)         (Metric Units)BMI Chart in Metric Units