Tuesday, 21 July 2015

12个原因你一定要排毒、清肠!12 Reasons You Should Cleanse Your Colon!

其实自己刚开始也排斥看那恶心的东西!但转念一想, 这是实实在在赖在自己身体里的!要是不排出来,反受其害!



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Today in order to make more friends to understand the effect of detoxification, they only see: "Well, my stomach really small!"Want them to see the stool, they immediately shook their head. "Ok, Nausea! Dont look at!"
Actually, I felt the same for my first look at the disgusting things! But think back this is real which store in our body for years! If don't let it go, boom! What will happen next??
Since through this detoxification easily solved the problem, we should be grateful and bless!!! Toxin exists has yet to bring greater harm,why not taking the initiative to come out?

Don't wait for lying in hospital depends on more medicine to maintain your own life? Lodge was basically in the same way: you cant pay too much attention to its body dirty or nausea, if not detox out, you will feel sick!! Why you still cant accept letting go that disgusting thing away from your body?

Toilet flush everyday and still got dirt, pipe flow still moss everyday, brush teeth everyday still got tartar. Your intestinal everyday in use still got a lot toxins,imagine how dirty a garbage? How serious damage in your body? The average person has 3-15 kg of toxins in the intestine of rubbish inside, so you think, why some people serious halitosis, Ban long blain on the face, black is bleak, all kinds of illness! Modern people eat good and enough but not ideally bowel everyday, we must detox the toxin in order to stay healthy.
1. Purpose: to clear away the waste in the intestines, and eliminate the toxin inside body, decomposition and combustion waste, damaged cells in the body and fat, repair the organization to strengthen the self-healing capability.
2. Features: time is short, high efficiency, 100% efficient; Avoid break feed is widespread in the process of organ damage and the adverse reactions caused by nutritional deficiencies; Is a kind of avoid hunger, natural, safe and comfortable one of the most effective method of break feed detoxification.
Use of special dietary fiber:
(1) the palm fiber quality can absorb water to form pile body;
(2) not sticky intestinal wall, mucosal injury, especially sticky waste;
(3) the palm-oil dry fiber is also very good antioxidants to help prevent cardiovascular disease, anti-inflammatory, cancer prevention, anti-aging, etc.
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