Monday, 13 October 2014

【Gold To China】“黄金上海”

Please see below for the latest promotion: (Mandarin & English Version) for your action!

1.       活動期間: 2014104日至1226
2.       活動內容:
a.       新晉升金級活動期間新晉升金級者可獲得中國推薦權(一年) + 免費參加上海燙金訓練營一名 (三天兩夜), 包含:
·         來回機票
·         住宿二晚 (二人一室如需單人房則另外加價)
·         上海總部參訪
·         培訓課程
b.       原金級以上會員(2014104日之前晉升者): 必須達成以下二點來獲得中國推薦權(一年)
l   於活動期間連續三週獎金支付聘級符合金級(以上
l   自費參加上海燙金訓練營每人收費美金700 (需於20141231日前向當地分公司報名)
c.       上海燙金訓練營預計於20153月出發 (確切日期請注意公司公告)
3.       活動備註:
a.       此活動僅適用於會籍在亞太區台灣、香港、韓國、馬來西亞、新加坡、澳洲及紐西蘭等地之蒙納維會員
b.       中國推薦權(一年)的期間認定係自中國市場正式開幕日起算,至20151231日止,不得轉讓、保留或折算現金
c.       符合參加資格者,僅限合格者本人參加,並需每週維持活躍與合格(A&Q)至考核期間結束,若本人無法成行,將視同棄權
d.       合格者若違反公司規定並接受法務單位調查者,將取消其獎勵資格
e.       新晉升金級會員若從澳紐地區出發參加上海燙金訓練營需額外支付機票部分負擔美金500
f.        原金級以上會員若從澳紐地區出發參加上海燙金訓練營費用為美金1,200
g.       自費參加之會員如欲機票自理住宿自理亦需繳交相同費用
h.       以上說明若有未盡事宜,美商蒙納維公司保留解釋、修改及取消活動辦法之權利


Gold To China
1.           Qualifying Period: October/4/2014 to December/26/2014
2.           Qualifying Terms:
a.            New Gold: Distributors who advanced to Gold (and above) during this period will obtain One year China sponsorship + Free Gold Camp in Shanghai, including:
l   Round trip air ticket, depart KLIA
l   Accommodation for two nights (Twin sharing, single occupancy additional charge will be incurred)
l   Office Visit at MonaVie China Headquarter
l   Training course
b.           Existing Gold (and above): Distributors who rank advance to Gold (and above) before Oct/4/2014 will be entitled One year China sponsorship via:
l    “Paid as Gold (or above)” for 3 consecutive weeks during this period
l   Self-pay USD 700/person to Gold Camp in Shanghai (Must register with Monavie Bangsar before Dec/31/2014)
c.            The Gold Camp in Shanghai will be held in March 2015 (The exact date itinerary will be announced at a later date):
3.           Remarks:
a.            This promotion is applicable to all distributors in Asia Pacific region, including: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.
b.           The One year China sponsorship will start from MonaVie China official opening date to December 31 , 2015. The sponsorship right CANNOT be transferred, reserved or exchange to cash
c.            The Free Gold Camp in Shanghai only for qualifier (1pax), qualifier also need to be “Active” and “Qualify” during this promotional period.
d.           Qualifier will be disqualified if violate to MonaVie policies & Procedures Policy or under investigation of compliance Department.
e.           Qualifiers who departure from Australian/New Zealand have to pay extra USD 500 for airfare.
f.             Existing Gold (or above) who departure from Australian/New Zealand have to pay USD 1,200 to join Gold Camp in Shanghai.
g.            The fee above is applicable to participants who are self-pay.
h.           MonaVie company reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time without prior notice.

* Departure point “KLIA”, all domestic transfer to be borne by self.