Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Live Healthy with 19 of The World's Most Life-Giving Fruits

What is Monavie?
Monavie is a known wellness juice that a lot of people seem to simply love. Why is this? Because, they say, that this drink has changed their health to the better and in some cases, it has even helped desperate cases that needed fast help to make it through. There are a lot of monavie testimonials online from a multitude of individuals that say good things about this juice.

Of course that there are also negative monavie testimonials, and honestly we would have been asking ourselves some questions if there wouldn’t have been. There are some people that say that this juice is just overpriced fruit juice and that it has not done a thing to help them and their health. So, what is the actual truth?

This is hard to tell. Whenever there are people that say yes to something and others that say no to the same thing, a natural state of confusion is rapidly created and in most cases the product/business/thing in cause just gets a lot of publicity and attention.

So, how can we tell if this acai based juice is good or bad for us? Well, you can listen to what others are saying, but if the juice works for them and when you try it out, it just does not work for you as well, then you are going to call monavie scam, right? But does this really mean that the drink doesn’t work at all? No. And that is because there are people that have found the juice helpful. The main idea here is that it is hard to find out if something works or not for you if you have not tried it yourself.
In the end, trying something out can be the best way to spot a good thing or a scam. We just hope that by reading this website, you can find enough information to take a good decision regarding this juice. Whether you decide to try it out or to leave it alone is totally up to you and you are the only one responsible for the outcomes. We are just here as a little guide to this drink.

What does monavie stand for?
You probably know what Vie stands for. It means life. The main ingredient of this juice is acai, which, in Portuguese has the meaning of tree of life. So, one could say that monavie stands for a new beginning, a new life that opens up to people. If we analyze the fact that acai comes from the Amazonian Forrest, where it has been residing for ages, but we have just begun to learn about it in the last couple of years, and that there, the acai berry is considered as a real tree of life as people use it as their food and as treatment for most of their illnesses.
And you know what? These people live much longer lives than us. Could the acai be the secret of their longevity and their great health? It is probably so. Considering that this little black berry has been named the best known fruit in the entire world by a lot of known specialists, it must do something right. Maybe this is actually a chance for us to live longer, healthier lives.
Now, let us see some of the benefits of drinking the monavie juice can have for people’s health:
  • this juice will lower our blood pressure and generally help people with high blood pressure.
  • seem that the drink can help against heart disease and related illnesses and by drinking it regularly, you will also strengthen your immune system.
  • it helps against high cholesterol as it increases the amount of good cholesterol while decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol and ultimately creating a balance between the two and making us feel better.
  • if you have sleeping issues that this health drink will help you sleep better and have a more restful nap.
  • the drink can also make you feel more relaxed and full of energy even after a hard day at work.
And these are just some of the things that this juice can do for the human body. There are lot of other things it does and we will talk about that soon. In the near future we will be addressing topics like monavie ingredients, the 39 reasons to drink acai juice (monavie) and more about monavie and diabetes.